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. developing news right now out of the south bay, where rescuers have pulled one person from a car submerged in a upon. >> a couple of houses away, it's ridiculous. >> outrage from neighbors after san josi's first homicide of the year. the new information that we learned tonight.
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residents of this san francisco neighborhood witnessed a horrible sight when a woman was lit on fire by her boyfriend. the victim's sister says what led up to the conflict. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. geek i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes. we begin with that developing news in san josi. a woman crashed her car into a pond and just minutes ago we learned that despite efforts to rescue her underwater she died. kutv's debora villalon is live at the scene right off the almaden expressway. >> reporter: heather this happened before 3:00 and it's still a developing situation, because no one can be absolutely sure yet if the woman driving that gray car that you see over there was the only victim. she was pulled lifeless from her vehicle, submerged in about 15' of water. she had been under about 40 minutes and paramedics tried to revive her, but she was pronounced dead at a local
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hospital. this was a single-car accident and no explanation for. it the driver was coming out of the al plaiden plaza mall when witnesses say instead of turning, she drove straight across the intersection at high- speed, jumped a curb, went through a fence and launched into the pond. the first fire crews were not divers, but they did what they could. >> one of our firefighters did attempt to swim out at his own perl to try to at least check the vehicle and see if there was any way to make access. swam 80 yards out and said there was zero visibility. was able to touch the car, but he wasn't able to make any access and had to return to shore. >> reporter: search-and-rescue divers then arrived to find the woman still seat belted in her car. again, she did not make it, but there is no indication that anyone was in the car with her. the car is now out the water and divers are doing a grid search underwater around the
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area to ache sure there are not other victims who may have been thrown clear of the car. the dive team will check with them next and we'll have the latest on the 0:00 news. again, a fatal accident, a freak accident here in san josi. reporting live, debora villalon ktvu channel 2 news. less than i week into the new year and san josi police are investigating that city's first homicide of 2013. we first reported this story during mornings on 2 today and now ktvu's cara liu is live with new information about a delay in finding the victim. carra. >> reporter: the scene of the crime was in front yard of that blue house on tripoli avenue. they believe that the man who died was 30 years old and lived here and add that his family has been here a long time and there has never any trouble. neighbors say they heard arguing late last night outside of this home, followed by gunfire. >> we heard two shots go off. we woke up this morning to a bunch of officers coming over here. >> reporter:
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another neighbor didn't want to be on-camera because she fears for her safety. she says she called 911, but when officers came out last night during the rain they didn't find anything. >> it makes me think about security a little bit more for my own protection because they were out here and they had the lights and equipment and they couldn't find anything. where does that leave us? >> reporter: police confirm that the body was found this morning. >> this marks the city's first homicide for 2013. >> reporter: investigators documented evidence and canvassed for clue as neighbors looked on with concern. >> i was terrified because i have daughters and we don't know what happened. >> a couple of house as way, i mean it's ridiculous. i never would have thought that would happen right there. like i said they were a real quiet family. absolutely no reason why i would think that would happen. >> reporter: we reached out to police several times this afternoon to ask when the man was killed? what the motive might have been
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or whether they have any suspects or investigative leads? so so far a spokesmans is not returned our calls. live in san josi, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. a driver is dead after an early morning crash in san josi. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. on south 1st and margaret streets. the vehicle flipped upside down. the driver was the only one inside the car. >> from was an officer parked around the corner and he heard the accident and he was the first one on the scene and tried to provide first aid, but he was pronounced shortly after. >> police a roads were wet at the time, but they are not saying whether that played a role in the crash. they say neither drugs or alcohol are suspected. a 16-year-old girl is recovering after she was shot right next to a high school in millbrae. police say the girl was wounded
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just before 10 the:30 last night across from capuchino high school. so far police have not made any arrests and haven't said what may have motivated that shooting. san francisco police are investigating a shocking attack in the city's bayview district. a woman was doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire. ktvu's allie rasmus is live where she spoke with the victim's sister. alli. >> well, san francisco police have asked us not to use the young woman's name or her picture for her own safety, but we can tell you this is the house she shared with her mother and sisters and this is where she ran to and collapsed this afternoon after her boyfriend lit her on fire. crime scene technicians carried gas canisters out of the home in san francisco. the people who live here say the extra gas is for the cars in triumphantway, but today at noon one man decided to use the contents of these bottles to burn and seriously injure his girlfriend. >> they argue and stuff all the time, but i didn't think it would go this far. >> reporter: the 25-year-old victim a mother
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of three is now in the hospital with burns to her chest, neck and face. craig says it all started with an argument over a trip to the laundromat. >> my sister went to leave the clothes to get washed, but he didn't want to leave them there. he got mad and threw the clothes down. >> reporter: craig says the argument escalated and she saw her sister's boyfriend pour gasoline into the can. >> ten minutes later she was burned. >> reporter: customers saw the boyfriend throw gasoline on her. >> she was totally on fire. >> that is terrible. terrible. >> reporter: the young woman was able to rip off her burning jacket and run back home for help. >> i just want to know why he did that to my sister? she doesn't deserve it and that he should turn himself in and that my sister is going to make
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a full recovery because she is strong and i know she is strong. she has been through so much. >> reporter: now the family says they know who did this because the boyfriend has been living in the home with them for the past several months, but police have not confirmed his identity to us yet. so we're not releasing it. we don't know if he has been arrested yet, but san francisco police say they are going to have another update later on this evening. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. new developments in a story about a 92-year-old man who went missing new year's day. ktvu news has learned that the man was located this morning at an oakland hospital. police say walter wakumski is at the medical center. he appeared to be having a medical episode and they called an ambulance and transport transported hypttoll hospital. >> it's a wet start to the morning, but looks like the rain clouds have left the area.
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let's check in with ktvu chief meteorologist mark tamayo. >> reporter: hi ken we picked up a if you punth of an inch up to .5" of rain. still some mostly cloudy observations, but there is a live doppler sweep showing the dry weather pattern. the rainfall is focused to the south, down towards southern california, santa barbara and los angeles. as far as rainfall totals you will see santa rosa picked up for the weekend .44". san francisco .34". he'll just over .25" and concord at .23". a look at current numbers out there. it's pretty cold and some 40s out towards fairfield, and antioch. a dry weather apparenting and warming one as well for monday into tuesday. but still some lingering clouds to start out your monday with
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part to mostly cloudy skies. i am tracking a major cooling trend on the long-range weather maps. coming up we'll let you know when that moves in and the timing of at least a few showers showing up on the five- day forecast. i was yes, it woke me up. >> fans celebrate agencies the nhl nears the end of the player lockout and why they are not the only ones happy tonight. plus why you may want to carry some extra change if you are planning a sunday trip to the city. and the one country that could lead the way to legalizing same-sex marriage in asia. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine is just $1.99. yoplyogurt is just 50 cents. resolutions, kept. and charmin is $13.99 for 30 double rolls. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers.
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. we have reached an agreement on the framework of a new city clerk -- that was nhl index chairman gary bette mapp announcing that the league and players have come to a tentative agreement and means
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that the month-long lockout that nearly ended the season is almost over. according to nhl officials there will still details to iron out, including a date when games resume. the announcement prompted a celebration in san josi. ann rubin tells us that fans and businesses can't wait for the sharks to get back on the ice. >> reporter: it's the news that shark fans have been waiting for a tentative agreement has been reached, an end to the nhl lockout is in sight. >> i was yes, and we like to watch nhl to learn from it-the staff at britannia arms is relieved without hockey their revenue had been down 60-70% over the winter months. >> it's everything to us. and we'll be able to get to hire more people. we have not hired like 10, 15 people just because we didn't need them. >> reporter: there will be a flurry of activity at the pavilion, putting up banners and preparing the ice. shark's management is just
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waiting for official word from the league. >> the only thing let to put moo place is the schedule and that is once we receive that we'll print the tickets and get those out to our season-ticket holders. >> reporter: they are hoping that fans will forgive the 100-plus day delay and fill seats once the season starts. >> this sport seems to grow and they do this. they did this ten years ago, whatever it was an it seems to knock it backwards for the surface fans. >> i was on the nhl page and there was a lot of upset fans, but now it's over, think we can all come together and enjoy it. >> reporter: the team plans to put individual tickets for equal in the next week or two. more details now on this highly anticipated hockey season. first players must ratify the new proposal. the nhl may wait for that vote before releasing a schedule. the league has scenarios for
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both a 48-and 50-game season. insiders say because the agreement was reached today, the target is for 50 games the we'll have more on the end of the lock yowl coming up in sports with ktvu's joe fonzi. >> palo alto police said an alert neighbor helped them catch and suspected package thief. federated r thief they say a neighbor called 911 after watching stratford allegedly steal a package. he was arrested a short time later. investigators say investigator stafford by me connected to similar thefts will san josi. >> new parking meter rules went into effect in san francisco and now all parking meters in the city will be operating seven days a week. parking control officers only issued warnings instead of tickets and will continue to do so until january 20th. january 27th tickets will be issued for expired meters. >> it makes it more difficult
5:20 pm
to church-goers and people going to services just because you can't easily leave in the middle of a service to feed your meter. >> the city needs the money. i understand why they are doing it. i know it enrages a lost drivers. >> parking officials say meters will give them the option of prepaying up to four hours on sunday. >> a bay area man is using corporate personhood to fight a driving violation. jonathan frieman was ticketed for driving in a carpool rain alone, but frieman says he wasn't alone, but had incorporation papers inside the vehicle with him. he argues since the california vehicle code views corporations as people he had the required two people in the car and therefore, did not break the law. tomorrow's hearing is expected to turn into a challenge to corporate personhood law. the fbi is expected to release more information tomorrow on its efforts to find human remains near a well san joaquin county.
5:21 pm
they found broken bones and a fetus. police say death-row inmate shermantine gave investigators a map to the well where he says remains can be found. shermantine and herzog were known as the speed freak killers. james holme the suspect in the aurora, colorado movie theater killings is due in court tomorrow for a preliminary hearing. the judge will then decide whether to send the case to trial. holmes is charged with killing 12 people and injuring 70 in the july shooting rampage. there is more speculation tonight about a pending controversial trip to north korea by google chief eric schmidt and former new mexico governor bill richardson. the trip is set for this week, in spite of criticism about the
5:22 pm
timing because of north koreas a recent rocket launch. some observers second richardson to seek the release of coverage bae, a tourist guide detained in north korea of the it's unclear what crime bae supposedly committed. the south bay is on the verge of getting nonstop air service to japan. it starting this friday between san josi and tokyo. the flights are scheduled five days a week, using boeing dreamliner jets with 157 seats. company officials say they expect business travelers to make up most of their passengers. support, of sierra's president cheer as he makes a rare address. bashar assad's harsh words to rebels and others who are asking him to step down. the plus latest in a french actor's bizarre quest for russian citizenship. ♪
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. you are looking at' rare event many syria as a defiant president bashar al-assad addressed his nation for the first time in six months. he rejected international peace efforts and proposed a political plan that overhauls the government, but keeps him
5:26 pm
in power. mr. assad repeateds had longstanding assertions that the movement against hill was driven by "murderous criminals." >> this is a conflict, those who wanted to take revenge against the people. and to fragment syria. those are the enemies of the people. and the enemies of god. and the enemies of god will go to hell. >> the president's speech comes a week after the united nations and arab league envoy visited damascus in a push for negotiated solution to end the violence. the united nations estimated that more than 60,000 people have been killed in that 21- month struggle. in other news of the world tonight in afghanistan twin suicide bombings killed at least four people and left more than 15 wound. the bombers attack a meeting of tribal leaders at a government compound in
5:27 pm
kandahar province. the taliban claimed response for the attack. in aust lay, wildfires ravaged souvenir australia. officials say one person died while saving his home, but today they are now say the case is under investigation. firefighters are dealing with high winds and scorching temperatures that have reached 108 degrees. almost 3,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and more than 40 fires are still burning. at vatican pope benedict xvi announced new bishops today, including his personal secretary georg gdnswein who helped to steer the papal household through an embarrassing scandal of leaked documents last year. the italian premiere put aside the issue of gay marriage and working on the economy. mario monti is backed by the vatican many his election and
5:28 pm
says if he wins gay right issues should be decided by italy a parliament, but his most urgent task is to help italy emerge from the recession. monti offered no personal views and same-sex marriage which is not allowed in italy. meantime taiwan is on its way to become the first country in asia to legalize same-sex marriage. this year the legislature is set to hold hearings on the issue. activities say legalization is a matter of time. in russia the country's new citizen actor gerard depardieu threw to a town about 300 miles from moscow today where he was greeted by crowds and offered a free apartment. the french architector dined with president vladimir putin last night. putin offered andanted depardieu citizen happen after the actor sought to leave france angered by a
5:29 pm
new tax law, which is on hold, but requires those earning more than $1.3 million a year to pay 75% tax. a debate over the debt ceiling is heating up. >> people say i'm not going to pay my bills unless you stop buying stuff. well, stop buying stuff so you don't have a future bill. >> the fight on capitol hill over spending cuts. >> and the new legislation aimed at preventing mass shootings. >> and a massive brawl at a louisiana mall. ♪
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. the so-called flash mob in louisiana this weekend ended in a millionee and emptied an entire shopping mall in baton rouge. according to witnesses about 200 young people gathered in the mall's food court and apparently answering a notice on a social website. a fight broke out and people started to run and jam exits. there were reports of arrests, but no reports of serious injury or damage. president obama faces a full agenda as he returns from vacation. the president and first lady returned to washington today from hawai'i. among his top concerns nominations for secretary of defense, secretary of state and treasury as well as budget battles over delayed spendion cuts, government funding and the looming debt ceiling. mr. obama's inauguration is january 21st, followed by his annual state of union address congressional leaders are gear up with the debate
5:33 pm
over the debt ceiling. as elizabeth corridan tells us republicans want any increase tied to spending cuts. >> i believe we need to raise the debt ceiling, but if we don't without a plan we all should be fired. >> reporter: now lawmakers start a new session under pressure to avert another financial crisis. this time, over raising the debt ceiling. if an agreement is not reached by late february or early march the united states risks defaulting on its financial obligations and the altru will be on how much congress will agree to cut spending. >> the bottom line is that we can't continue down the path we're on to borrow money to pay our own debt. we have have to have serious spending cuts. >> reporter: key democrats say they are not related. >> people are going to say i
5:34 pm
will not pay my bills unless you stop buying stuff, well stop buying stuff so you don't have future bills, but right now we have to pay the bills that have been incurred. don't tie it to the debt ceiling. >> reporter: a big part of balancing this budget is in fact, getting people back to work? >> that balances us twice and that another is big piece of it. >> reporter: president obama says he will not neglect can congress on whether they should pay their bills. some republicans are questioning his fiscal leadership. >> what is really disappointing to me is that the president isn't generating the discussion on his own and he has to sort of has to be dragged kicking and screaming to the table when we have big issues like the debt creeling to get him to talk about it. i wish he would lead. >> reporter: elizabeth corridan, ktvu channel 2 news. house minority leadership nancy pelosi wants to see tax loopholes closed and subsidies end. >> we talk about subsidies for big oil and what is the
5:35 pm
justification to give an incentive to drill? so again, justify your existence, if you are a special tax break. >> massive federal spending cuts are due to hit march 1st, about the same time that the u.s. will hit the debt ceiling. it's all, but official, president obama's widely expected to nominate republican chuck hagel has defense secretary sometime this week of the former senate from nebraska toured the mideast with the then candidate obama in 2008. he potentially faces a grilling from congress during confirmation hearings. his past statements will israel, the cuban embargo and openly gay imburse ambassador. >> he says the war couldn't be won and we were fighting it in 2006. >> chuck hagel if confirmed tock secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense towards
5:36 pm
the state of israel in our nation's history. >> hagel's infantry service in vietnam earned him two purple house. the white house is reportedly ready to defend his nomination. >> california lawmakers will get back to work with a democratic supermajor superit in both houses. the governor said hey, everybody just calm down here and take a deep breath, especially in his own party. we're not just turning it off and rampage the place, okay? so i think what you are going to see is a kind of accommodation and a little caution. >> analysts anticipate that the first big issue will be education, especially college tuition hikes. although the budget will be in better shape, he also says
5:37 pm
there is always more demands than money available. assembly woman nancy skinner plans to talk about new legislation aimed the regulating ammunition. skinner says the bill will help curb gun violence and mass shootings. the bill may be heard in committee as soon as january 20th. in new york city they are planning to vote on a proposal to hire as many as 500 retired police officers to stand guard at city schools. the officers would be armed and in plain clothes. the new york police department has not commentedded. the man accused of opening fire inside a sacramento bar has been released from the hospital and booked into jail. 22-year-old carlito montoya got into an argument over a spilled drink and shot three people inside the bar, killing two of them. two others have been arrested
5:38 pm
in connection with the case. gunfire erupted as thousands of families were gathered nearby for a new year's eve fireworks show. that new year's eve shooting has approximated sacramento mayor kevin johnson to propose a gun buyback program. some programs have already taken thousands of firearms off the streets. sacramento's police chief says he is looking into implementing such a program, but says anyone who has a gun and wanted to get rid of it can turn it into the department property's division. two men arrested in connection with the deadly shootings of two teenaged girls in oakland are expected to enter pleas in court tomorrow tomorrow. the suspected gaeb, 1-year-old dyantay powell of oakland is charged with two counts of murder for the november 25th killings. 19-year-old antonio edwards is charged with being an accessory to murder. victims, 15-year-old rack yell gerstel and 16-year-old bobbie sartain on the right were best friends. investigators say the two suspects knew the girls, but
5:39 pm
have not release arid possible motive. a hearing is set tomorrow to determine whether oikos shooting suspect one goh is mentally fit to stand trial. a court-appointed psychiatrist is expected to present his report tomorrow. in november goh's defense attorney says a psychiatrist determined that goh was unable to stand trial due to "long standing paranoid schizophrenia." >> this week two more bay area cities will consider whether to ban plastic bag. foster city and san bruno will discuss a similar law. advocates would like to see a ban in place by earth day, april 22nd. the industry says that paper bags hurt the environment and a ban will lead to job losses. starting tomorrow san
5:40 pm
francisco schools will offer healthier options for lunch. oakland-based company revolution foods food contract survived a legal challenge allowing the new menu to be put in place. >> it's been about a year since a lone gray wolf wandered from oregon to california. the wolf known as or-7 is currently wandering northeastern california. the animal is believed to be the first wolf to roam within the state since 1914. 1924. o-7 has wandered a total of 3,000 miles. scientists think the wolf may be looking for a mate or a new pack. tomorrow is moving day for the san francisco exploratorium. the named science museum closed it's doors last week. its exhibited will be packed up and taken to the exploratorium's new home at
5:41 pm
pier at the embarcadero. help is on the way to the victims of superstorm is any. could more rain be on your way for your workweek? our meteorologist mark tamayo has your complete bay area forecast. so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ]it's pra. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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rethink possible. . president obama today signed a $9.7 billion aid package for victims of hurricane sandy. the measure passed the house on friday, but a vote of 354-67. the senate approved it unanimously. without debate. most of the money toes to fund government-backed flood insurance claims. congress is scheduled to take up another aid measure, this one costing $51 billion coming up on january 15th. well part of the week was wet, but let see how the workweek is shaping up we'll check in with mark tamayo to
5:44 pm
look at weather. >> we have a warm up and another major cooling trend. so a lot to talk about in our forecast for tonight. you can see the live camera right now on the maps though, we can see you the radar perspective, with just a few high clouds across the bay area. live doppler sweep showing you the dry weather pattern. another closer look at the sierra where things have dried up. parts of nevada you can see snowfall on the order of 1 to 4". 2.5" towards minden and the possibility of lingering snow showers for tonight. back home current temperatures are currently in the upper 40s to lower 50s. san josi 49. san francisco downtown 51 and napa in the upper 40s, around
5:45 pm
48 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight, mostly cloudy, a few partly cloudy observations as well. for your monday, we'll start out dry with cloud cover out there, basically dry for the entire day. then the extends, a major dropoff in temperatures and also we do bring in some more clouds by wednesday. our old system as i showed you moving to the south. high pressure is getting its act together offshore. with that a dry weather pattern for monday and tuesday and temperatures warm up nicely for monday into tuesday with the warmest locations approaching the low to mid-60s. so a little bit of a bump in the numbers. look at what happens after tuesday. this cold weather system will bring in much cooler temperatures and, in fact, by thursday, the warmest locations barely making it up to the 50- degree mark. lots of 40s as we approach thursday. some high clouds and lower clouds and basically partly to mostly cloudy skies for your day on monday. increasing sunshine into the afternoon hours. as we expand the view here
5:46 pm
we'll take this into tuesday and wednesday. and by wednesday, there is a weather system up to north, the bulk of shower activity not much. it will be up towards mendocino county. at least quite a few clouds and that is the beginning of our cooling trend for wednesday. beyond midweek we're tracking more showers chances. as far as temperatures for tomorrow, everybody goes up a few degrees. mid to upper 50s and the warm yes. locations approaching the lower 60s towards morgan hill, gilroy and san josi, 59 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast. a little bit of a bump in the numbers for monday into tuesday. wednesday we begin to cool things off with more cloud cover and temperatures by thursday only right around 50 degrees. with your weekend always in view we're trying to iron out the details as weather people say. maybe some light showers on sunday, nothing too major, but if you like the warm temperatures -- i should say mild monday and tuesday with a
5:47 pm
few low to mid-60s. >> it is nice. >> thank you, mark. and you can follow mark and the rest of our ktvu meteorologists on-line. for wealth updates throughout the bay area, they will post updates on both twitter and facebook and even when we're not on air. state school superintendent tom tarl jackson has honored three bay area schools that include those that are shown academic excellence. union school, canyon middle school and edna hill were named for the sixth year. in all 21 schools across the state were recognizes as eye schools to watch." >> congratulations to them. well, the nfl wild-card weekend now is in the books and we'll have highlights from the colts-ravens match-up. >> sportswrap is next. ♪
5:48 pm
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. two more wild-card playoff games and further indication that the seattle seahawks team, the 49ers ran into at christmas time will be a force in this postseason. the seahawks in washington where robert griffin iii was trying to gut it out with a heavy brace on his injured knee. and early on, the redskins made it looks like this game would be a breeze. griffin threw a short touchdown pass to royster and then to paulson for a touchdown. the seahawks looking at a 14-0 deficit before the 2nd quarter
5:51 pm
started. griffin went to the sidelinings to his knee monitored by renowned orthopedists. and russell wilson hit robinson with a swing pass for 6. it was 14-10. late in the first half, the redskins trying to get some offense going again. griffin throws into coverage for pierre garcon. it's 14-13 at the half. in the 3rd quarter the seahawks were poised to take the lead, but marshawn lynch has the ball punched out and it's recovered by jenkins at the 1. the redskins dodge a bullet. neither team scored in the 3rd quarter as washington's defense held on by a thread. that changes in 4th. wilson shows just how fast he is. the seahawks had a 2-point conversion and take their first lead of the day. the redskins couldn't get
5:52 pm
anything going offensively. griffin goes down with a bad snap and in the process tweaks his knee again. the seahawks recover and settle for a field goal. griffin was finished for the day and the seahawks would take a 24-14 lead. that would be the final in a game that featured emotion before-and- after. that is stanford's richard sherman with words that are not appreciated. seattle moves on, 24-14 the final, seattle now travels to atlanta next sunday for round 2 of the playoffs. well, last year the indianapolis colts won all of two games. given that you would have to call this season a huge success, even though the colts and quarterback andrew luck went 1 and out against the baltimore ravens. they have the return of a key player. ♪[ music ] ray lewis back
5:53 pm
from injury and playing for the first time since announcing he will retire at the end of the season. lewis was on 13 tackles, nine of them solo. the colt doing it on the fly as clyde christensen had to take over offensive coordinator duties because bruise arians was hospitalized with the flu. luck was sacked three times. kruger with 2.5 sacks. baltimore led at the half and padded the lead in the 3rd quarter. joe flacco pints pitta with a 20-yard touchdown pass. the ravens making it a two- possession game and then in the 4th quarter after the colts cut the deficit 17-9. anquan boldin outmuscled the defender cassius vaughn. luck trying to rally his team has this pass tipped by reggie wayne and luck makes the touchdown-saving tackle.
5:54 pm
another story this yearaz the successful battle against cancer by documents head coach chuck pagano. the ravens move on for a date with the denver broncos. if you are one of those folks who felt something was missing because you didn't have your hockey, you are about to feel better. with time running out to salvage an abbreviated session they have hammered out a labor agreement to end the nhl hockout. some of the dee points, a 50/50 split of hockey-related revenue. a $7 million drop in the salary cap next season and limit of free-agent contracts to a maximum of seven years. some reaction both nationally and locally. >> the details of which need to be put to paper. we have got to dot a lot of is and cross a lot of ts. there is still a lot of work to
5:55 pm
be done. >> hopefully within a few very few days the fans can get back to watching people who are skating and not the two of us. >> i know that some have indicated their psyched about coming back and appreciation of the fans who have hung in with us dur this timeframe. i think everybody is just anxious to get started. >> still toom on this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. they are still trying to get the first pga tournament started and they are waiting for the weather conditions in maui to cooperate. we'll be right back well, well, well.
5:56 pm
growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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. the colorado women's basketball team was rolling along until it had to face stanford and cal. 20th-rank and previously unbeaten buffaloes have lost two in a row. the bears in boulder this
5:58 pm
afternoon. the two teams were tied at 24 at the half. in the second half, cal went on an 8-0 run. then the bears went cold. they scored just 7 points in the game's final 6 minutes. when boyd missed a free-throw, there to fight for the loose ball to put it back in for 2. cal holds on for the win. the bears 2-0 in the pac-12 and stanford improves to 2-0 in the conference. rain and high winds had will be postponed the first three days of the tournament of champions in maui. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the plan today was to play 36 holes. how are you supposed to mark
5:59 pm
that? after 90 minutes of trying to placer they decided to call it off again today and wipe out all the scores and they will try again tomorrow to play 36 holes and then 18 on tuesday. the winds are predicted to ease tomorrow. and that is it for this early sunday night sportswrap. see you again tonight at 10:00. >> they have to stay a few extra days in hawai'i. >> oh, bummer. >> [ laughter ] >> thank you, joe. >> thanks our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. we'll have more on that crash we told you about earlier in san josi where a woman wa

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